How can I get access to the practice videos and other materials?

It is very easy and you can start practicing within 5 minutes. Just choose the most suitable option then make a quick payment and you are good to go. 


For how long can I get access to the practice materials?

We are extremely flexible. You can get access from 3 days to 1 year or if you do not know how much time you will need you can get our monthly subscription. We also made special options such as Intensive Study Month and Writing Month to help you target what you need the most help with.


When can I start?

Once you have signed up you will have daily 24 hour full access to all of our study and practice materials, as a result you can practice and study whenever and wherever you want.


What can I practice? 

You can practice everything that relates to IELTS. Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. But that’s not all, we have also made some basic skills improvement exercises so if you feel your listening or reading skills are not good enough you can use our basic skills improvement section as a good starting point. Or if you think you dont have enough English knowledge, you choose practice through one of our courses in a more structured and guided way.


Which membership should I choose? 

You have to decide if you need task correction and personalised feedback from our teachers, or not. If the answer is yes you should chose one of the options with added writing correction and speaking evaluation. But as a NEW option you can now choose monthly subscription and add task correction to it during check out. That way you can costumize your membership. If you have less than 3 months until your test date you might want to get one of our intensive subscriptions. If you have more than 5 months until your IELTS test, we recommend the basic and most pupular monthly subscription plan to allow you to ptactice extensively. As the test date comes closer and closer you should switch to the intensive subscription or add a few task corrections to make sure you get direct feedback and personalised help.


Why do you have two kinds of monthly subscriptions?

As always, we worked out the best options for our students.

The cheaper subscription gives you everything what you need: practice materials, study plan, IELTS Grammar, IELTS Vocabulary and with your membership card you will get 15% off if you decide to order our task correction service. This subscription is one of the cheapest ones with limited extra support and flexibility to let you practice as much as you can and need. We provide some teacher support but also have to make sure our tutors and teachers can pay attention to students who are signed up for our intensive memberships.

As you can se we have a little bit more expensive monthly subscription option available as well. Here you will get access to all of our study and practice materials and you will also get free writing corrections and speaking evaluations. This gives you extra support, personalised feedback and can help you better target the areas you need to improve to get a desired IELTS score.


I need an IELTS but my English is very bad. What should I do? 

Sign up for the cheapest subscription so you can start practicing and learning about IELTS and contact us. Depending on your first language you might need a teacher's help who speaks your mother tongue. Do not forget we are here to help! 


I need 5 on average and my English isn't too good. What should I do? 

Try to focus on the speaking part first because students’ speaking can improve very quickly. A higher speaking score will help you to get a better average result. If your English is under intermediate level you have to learn and memorise the structure of the writing to get as good result as possible. What we recommend is to sign up and ask some spacial help. Yes, we can help you to build up the necessary skills!


I am and advance language user can this program help me? 

Absolutely. What you should do is to choose the basic monthly subscription. Finish with all of our speaking practice videos to get more confident and to ensure you come across the most topics possible to avoid getting a surprise question you are not prepared for. Also check our grammar and vocabulary collection to make sure you know all the necessary IELTS grammar and IELTS vocabulary. If you want to make sure your writing and speaking are at the desired level later on, buy one or two writing corrections with personalised feedback. We also provide full 3-3.5 hour IELTS practice tests so make sure you practice with them as well before the real test! 


What is OMC?

OMC stands for Oxton Membership Code. This is a unique membership gcode or coupon code that is on your Oxton Membership Card. No matter which membership you get you will be given one of these codes that entitles you to get a minimum of 15% off on any of our other services.


What is the Study Room?

The Study Room is virtual room where you arrive after logging in. From here you can easily navigate to the area you want to study. We made this as simply as possible to make sure you can be at the desired are within 10 seconds after you have logged in!


Can I check my membership?

Of course! Sign in and just go to user profile and check the current subscription. 


I like your program but I did not find an option that suits my needs.

We provide the best customer service and education on the market. So do not worry! Contact us and we will try to work out something for you. It might take a day or two but we really want to help everyone. 


How does "the real support" work? 

We are proud that we are the only one who provides this kind of real ongoing support which has several pillars:

Once you have signed up you will have access to the Study Room. We placed everything into this virtual room that you need to start learning and practicing. You can decide if you want to learn IELTS Vocabulary and Grammar first or you want to practice the speaking part of the text, or any other parts you need improvement in. We made sure that all the books vocabulary lists are up to date and useful. We have written both earlier mentioned books based on hundreds of IELTS tests.

If you stuck during your practice, or need some help and feedback you can contact us anytime from your study area. You just have to fill out the Student Contact Form (SCF) and we will provide personalized support. We assume that you practice and learn so the basic support is one email per week. But as you can see we are here to help so if you are lost or really in need of help we will be here for you.

On top of this we added free writing correction and speaking evaluation to every membership option. If you need more there is no problem you can use your membership card and order more and we give you a lifelong discount on extra services ordered.

We also understand that students have different needs, so if you need more practice materials because you have already practiced every material available in the Study Room, we will send you more. Yes even personalized ones. (Of course, it will only happen if there are no exercises left for you to work on.)


What happens after I have done all of the provided study and practice materials but I feel I need more?

We will not let you down! In that case you have to contact us and we will give you more and even personalised materials. We have suitable resources to care about you. Never forget as long as you study with us we are here to help! 


Why is the Speaking part so important?

For many reasons… Firstly, it is one of the hardest parts but the good news is Speaking is the easiest to improve in and as a result you can get easily a very high overall Band Score. And let's just forget IELTS for a moment… Speaking is essential if you want to communicate with people.



What does task correction mean?

We know that without real feedback no one can get the desired results. We also understand that some students do not want feedback they just want to study and learn without any additional help. We have different membership types most contains free writing correction and speaking evaluation. Others come with the freedom of study but with the possibility to buy correction if needed on a discounted price.


How can I send my writing to you for correction?

You can just simply send them through our writing correction order form. Do not forget we have membership types with free added writing corrections and speaking evaluations. But even if you have chosen a subscription without free task correction once you have signed up you will be given our Oxton Membership Code. With that code you will get 20% off on writing task correction, speaking evaluation and even on English Resume writing services. 


How can I send my speaking to you for evaluation?

You can just simply send them through our speaking evaluation order form. Do not forget we have membership types with free added writing corrections and speaking evaluations. But even if you have chosen a subscription without free task correction once you have signed up you will be given our Oxton Membership Code. With that code you will get 20% off on writing task correction, speaking evaluation and even on English Resume writing services. 


Can I send hand-written materials?

No, they need to be typed in. If you would like to submit handwritten version to make sure you will not have problem in the exam, please contact us and we are more than happy to make a quick check on your writing! 



Minimum system requirements: 

Windows / IOS  - no specification - Vista or Higher / 1 GB of Ram or more / Colour monitor with basic screen resolution min 800 x 600 recommended / Sound Card Speakers or headphones / Internal or External Microphones / Sound recording Device / Software for audio file compression 


Computer skills: 

No special computer skills needed. Taking our program uses the same skills as surfing on the web. 


What happens if something does not load in, such us videos, audios or order forms?

We do our best to provide the fastest platform possible. Oxton Education works with companies who provide the fastest streaming service, the most flawless communication platforms by using super-fast servers all around the world. Unfortunately, it can happen that something is not as fast as it should be. This case first always try to reload the page. We are proud that 99% of the time a quick reload solves the problem and you are able to use all of our services without any problem.


If a VIDEO does not load in:

We are really careful and want you to be able to get access to our tutoring videos from all around the world. That's is why we use one of the biggest companies' servers and the videos are uploaded to different servers.
If the videos do not load in:
1. Wait a minute or maximum 5 minutes. Every video should load in within this timeframe.
2. Check your local connection or wi-fi network! Make sure you are not downloading/uploading music or videos from or to the Internet.
3. Make sure other computers are not using all of your local bandwidth.
4. If everything seems normal and the videos do not load in please contact us.

If you can’t log in: 

1. Check your username and password
2. Reload the log in page and try it agin 
3. Contact our technical support 



How can I make the payment?

We only accept PayPal Payment and bank transfer.


Paypal Payment - as default

PayPal enables you to make your payment without revealing your credit card number or financial information. PayPal can link to your financial account and allow you to pay in most local currencies. When you make a purchase using PayPal, you are momentarily connected to the PayPal web site during our checkout procedure via encrypted secure connection. You must complete your transaction at the PayPal site and return to our website. Than you will have instant access to the membership area. Please note during peak hours it might take up to 5 minutes.


Bank Transfer 

In some cases we do accept payment via bank transfer. If you require this kind of payment option please contact us directly. Note, with these option you only can buy the following memberships: ‘Three Days Intensive’ ,’4 Weeks Speaking’ , ‘8 Weeks Fast Track’ , ‘One Year Save Now’.


I was charged twice what should I do?

This should never happened... But contact us immediately and do not stress. We will have a look and if something was not right with your payment we give you refund no problem. 


My payment did not go through, what should I do?

It can happen that there was a technical problem. Please contact us immediately and we cancel your pending order and you can place your order again. In some cases we can activate your account and send you a payment request. Do not stress. We are always here to solve these problems. 


It seems my payment has gone through but my account is inactive what should I do? 

Contact us as soon as you can. It is very rare though but in this case our technical staff will activate your account manually.


Did not find the answer?

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