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Practice IELTS

  • Speaking Test - Under Simulated Exam Conditions
  • Cue Card Videos - Under Simulated Exam Conditions
  • Speaking with Tips - Under Exam Conditions
  • Writing Practice - Real IELTS Topics with task correction
  • Listening Practice - Real IELTS-like Exercises
  • Reading Practice Real IELTS-like Exercises
  • Skills Improvement - Basic exercises for everyone
  • Task Correction - Personalised and Detailed


  • Personalised Study Plans
  • IELTS Study Plan and Courses - Based on our remarkable program
  • Focus on IELTS Grammar - Based on previous IELTS Tests
  • Focus on IELTS Vocabulary - Based on previous IELTS Tests
  • Focus on General Writing - Essential for Beginners
  • Core IELTS Learning System - The whole program is linked together. Module based study option.
  • Skills Improvement
  • IELTS for Life Skills


Personalised and Ongoing Support

  • Writing Task Correction - Detailed and Personalised
  • Speaking Evaluation - Detailed and Personalised
  • Courses with Course Coordinator
  • Ongoing Support